Sunday, 30 March 2014

Hospital Management Information System

It is the comprehensive software solution for hospitals which is especially designed to put the operating healthcare practice information just at fingertips of users in a easy-to-understand way to automate hospital management and lower the functional expenditure. It is a modular system software in which every module takes care of respective functionality.
Hospital Management Information System is an integrated software, which serves to the complicated interdependent transactions across various divisions of a hospital. The software system takes care of multiple day-to-day activities such as appointment, patient registration, billing, pharmacy, tracking medical activities, finance, insurance, HR, EMR, inventory and many more functions to smooth the entire operations.

Saturday, 29 March 2014

ERP Software Solutions for Real Estate Industry

ERP software solutions for Real Estate business improves managerial competence by integrating the overall respective departments to one main point. Organizes the complex business process of Real Estate business by computerizing major areas and integrating those with the business. It is developed with built-in modules that efficiently work in a huge range of areas to manage all the functions involved in the project. Construction ERP software is a comprehensive solution, which deals with all the real estate demands with strong support and takes care of each and every construction project in the firm. 
The software solution handles not only multiple construction projects, their pre-construction, construction, post-construction, payment schedules, inventory, finance etc. but also it integrates all the segments of a an organization in such a way that facilitates effective intra-organizational communication. To get more details about various construction ERP software, visit

Thursday, 27 March 2014

Need of Web Based Manufacturing ERP Software

Manufacturing ERP solution is a very complicated software than the standard ERP software. Manufacturing ERP controls and manages the overall business processes in a manufacturing operation. Manufacturing ERP software has a comprehensive module that includes of the three most important facets in the manufacturing process, the Material Requirements Planning (MRP), Work Order Processing and Bill of Materials. Rest of the modules can be Inventory Management, Purchase Order and Sales Order. 

There are multiple process in a manufacturing firm such as inventory processes, design processes, quality control measures and processes, procurement processes and order management processes that need to be appropriately managed in the manufacturing ERP solution. Find the customized, low cost web based manufacturing ERP software to boost up your business processes. The solution provides a real-time information about finance, order management, purchase, inventory, employee management, e-commerce. Web Based ERP software is an open source ERP system for small and medium-sized companies. It is an user-friendly software solution which requires only a web browser and Internet connection to use.

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Choose the Best Hospital Management System

There are various healthcare software available that can simplifies the billing process, appointment process and other day-to-day activities of a hospital and make it totally automated and error-free.

These solutions can also reduce the manual filing of hospital-critical data. Make sure you select a Hospital Management System software that meet your requirements and also offers you data security of patient's confidential information.
A best software solution must have the below qualities:
It should provide ease of storage and retrieval of information
It should have an user-friendly interface
• It should generate Real-time reports
• The software should be easy to customize

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Online Construction ERP for Real Estate Industry

ACGIL's Cloud Construction ERP software for Real Estate industry helps the industries to manage various construction projects by giving complete access to its progress. The software integrates data across multiple departments such as labour and contractor management, tendering, equipments, purchasing, project monitoring, supplier management, material management, subcontractors and suppliers and streamline payment collection. 

It is an affordable web-based construction ERP solution, specially developed for small to mid-sized builders to streamline their construction projects and functionality in an efficient way. To know about various web-based construction ERP solutions, visit –

Monday, 24 March 2014

Web Based CRM & Lead Management

A flexible and customized web-based CRM solution simplifies things such as lead management, customer contacts management, data analysis, quotation and sales order management, marketing planning, activity management, campaign management, etc. It helps you see what's happening and assists you to make strategies and in better decision-making. It is an open source software application with helps you in pipeline tracking and better customer relationship management.
It will boost the ability of a business to organize multiple leads and sales thus take care of current customers efficiently.

Web Based CRM reduces costs and enhances efficiency with centralized, web-based CRM solution. It accesses real-time information from the centralized database that removes informational delays and losses. It is a robust, stable, flexible, and secure system that will all business competency at a strategic level.
To know more about various customized open source CRM and web based CRM software solutions, visit
Some unique features of a powerful CRM: 
a. Contact management 
b. Customization 
c. Easy to Use 
d. Mobility 
e. Data Analytics

Thursday, 20 March 2014

Hospital Software to Improve Hospital Management

Hospitals play an important role in our life. Hospital software are the flexible and knowledgeable systems provided by various IT solutions provider companies to improve hospital administration, pharmacy, finance, hospital management and better patient care.
The software will ensure a database of useful information to be able to present proper dashboards to the various departments of a hospital with a consideration of reducing costs, improving operational efficiency and generating revenues.
A Hospital Management Software unified the information from various segments within a hospital atmosphere, stores and displays the data in a required formats. All the aspects of a hospital management such as medical details & history of patients, employee details, administrative details etc. are all integrated in a suitable way using the Hospital Management System solution for smooth functioning of the hospitals, clinics and nursing homes.
Some of the major features of a HMS are:
* In-Patient management
* Out Patient management
* Diagnostic and laboratory management
* O.T. Management
* Blood Bank management
* Pharmacy with inventory
* Ambulance service management
* Inventory Control System
* M.I.S. Report
* Billing

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Customized Cloud Hosted ERP Solutions By ACGIL

In this fast-growing business industry, more and more companies are turning to ERP cloud based solutions to assist them become a competitive force in their industry. ACGIL, one of the top ERP providers in India offers customized and flexible Cloud hosted ERP solutions for small, mid and large-sized businesses.
Cloud ERP for small business integrates essential business processes such as accounting, inventory, HR, finance into one system on the Cloud. Cloud ERP for small business are used by thousands of large and small-sized companies across the entire industry. It offers small businesses an opportunity to grow rapidly in this competitive world. If you’re still dependent on spreadsheets rather than cloud solutions for your small business, then you may be collecting up a variety of inaccuracies and errors in your business.

Unlike traditional ERP, online ERP software with cloud hosting service does not require a huge direct investment. With this solution, you can expect to pay a considerable amount to maintain and purchase servers and other hardware, deploy and configure. On the other hand traditional ERP not only requires higher costs but also more time and efforts.

Saturday, 15 March 2014

A Comprehensive Hospital Management Information System by ACGIL

An advanced Hospital Management Information System by ACGIL is a comprehensive software solution that helps a hospital management to work smoothly and efficiently. It has advanced intelligence features that enable the management of the healthcare facilities to take real-time decisions.
The solution manages online patient appointments, in-patients, out-patients, pharmacy, EHR, billing, finance, and other important aspects of a modern hospital effectively.
Hospital Management Information System used in various departments of healthcare sector which includes super-specialty and multi-specialty hospitals, small and mid-sized nursing homes, general hospitals of multiple capacities, general practitioners, and other medical institutions. It works to address issues from multi-discipline approach related to hospital management, doctors and patients.

Thursday, 13 March 2014

Best Healthcare Software Solution Provider in India

Hospital management system software, a paperless software system is specially developed by ACGIL covers all the basic requirements as well as manages doctor’s appointment details, operation theater details, in patient department, outpatient department, reception, patient history information and all other activities of a hospital.
A best hospital management system provides excellent coordination between all the departments of a hospital and private nursing home. ACGIL is well known for its world class IT services in the healthcare industry for many decades. It is a complete and extensive hospital management solution to streamline all the functions of a hospital.
Some major features of the system are mentioned below: 
 * Patient Information 
* Reception management 
* Online patient appointment system 
* In Patients & Out Patients management System 
* Online bed management system 
* Ambulance and other services 
* Operation theater management 
* Laboratory tests & laboratory equipment management 
* Inventory and pharmacy management details 
* Online billing system

Monday, 10 March 2014

What Is the Need of Manufacturing ERP Software?

ACGIL has developed a customized, flexible and easy to use Mx-ERP manufacturing solution for small, medium and large-sized manufacturers to manage various business processes within an organization in an better and improved way. It is a powerful web-based system, which would assist the industry to enhance their manufacturing processes and to dispatch the products promptly to get high customer satisfaction. 

ERP in manufacturing industry is better for various small businesses, as it can be made use for a huge range of applications. The system has a large set of integrated modules such as Sales, Purchase, Inventory, HR, Finance, Production & planning and many more. It can deal with various processes including inventory, distribution, accounting, invoicing, supply chain management and HR, finance, etc.
The solution is developed to address the core challenges and actual requirements of the manufacturing industry, with the quality to be further customized to align with your organization's various business processes. The software comes with pre-built module workflows, eports, screen dialogues, and business intelligence designed specifically for manufacturers.

ACGIL offers the system as web based ERP solution for real-time access. It can be handled by a team of professionals in a company that include senior management and other experts. Thus, the software can be accessed anytime from anywhere by the managers, executives and other staff members. It requires only a browser with Internet access.

Friday, 7 March 2014

Cost-Effective Web Based CRM Software Solutions By ACG Infotech

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software stores and manages customer's contact information. A flexible CRM solution allows user to track sales, manage sales reports, access customer satisfaction information and many more.
Web Based CRM software stores all information online and make it accessible to every member of the organization. It manages sales records, customer contact information, and other data stored in the software accessed online. The information can be accessed as long as the Internet connection is available with the help of a software.

Web Based CRM solution offered by ACGIL is very easy, user-friendly and cost-effective solution to set up. Mainly, one would need to log into the platform you have selected, import your sales and customer information, and customize the software according to your business's specific information. 

Visit us to know more about our various affordable online CRM & ERP solutions for manufacturing, construction, retail and trading industry, web based ERP software, Hospital Management System (HMS), hospital software, and E-commerce solutions.

Thursday, 6 March 2014

Best Hospital Management Information System by ACGIL

A user-friendly Hospital Management Information System is very essential to manage the functionalities of a hospital and other medical centers. It is a system which is required to improve the high quality of patient care and to boost the performance of the entire hospital.
The Hospital Management System offered by ACGIL is highly versatile and user-friendly in nature. It can be driven entirely through the focused database. It is quick installable nature software system.
The system relates to the entire main functional areas of the newest multi-specialty hospital. This type of software solution deal helps obvious patient care, improved affected person treatment, low-costs, management of Doctors appointments, billing collection report etc. It provides easy accessibility to the important and confidential information of the patients, thus granting a permission to the real management to take far better decisions on the moment.

Saturday, 1 March 2014

Access Your Business Anytime with Web Based ERP

Web based ERP, also known as Online, On Demand, Cloud ERP can be profitable for businesses looking to reduce costs while operating their business more efficiently. Web based ERP can be accessed over internet any time, from any corner of the world or in any other form of connectivity from various locations. It makes communication faster and reliable within the departments.
It provides a fast communication between customer and suppliers. The solution generates real-time inventory reports in a few minutes and easier to use. It does not require any installation of other applications and hardware. With the help of this online ERP software, order request can be communicated and organized easily from the ERP system.