Tuesday, 24 June 2014


These days, a trend developing rapidly is that of web based ERP solutions. These ERP solutions can be downloadable quickly through with the help of internet connection and web browser. The significant benefits of these ERP's is that they can run across multiple platforms and can be managed from one central place. There is no need for a customer set up to deploy web based ERP.
Web-based ACGIL ERP solution as a service is another definition of cloud computing that is widely used by organizations in present time. The ERP implementation can bring transformations to the entire processes of a business. The software has an improved visibility of operating data, including order status and financial results. Web based ERP solutions can be accessed by all the executives and employees of a company worldwide any time with the help of Internet connection to real-time operating data.
In the past, the main issue in implementing and customizing an ERP was that there were no ERP solution provider companies which were involved with this profession. This is however not the situation any longer. There are a variety of Indian ERP companies that have came into existence nowadays, which are specifically focused in the ERP sector. Some of the most well-known ERP companies which provides Windows-based set up rather than web-based installation. One of the trusted name in the web-based ERP software industry is the Noida-based ACGIL.

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Monday, 23 June 2014

Advanced Hospital Management System – acgil.com

Advanced Hospital Management Information System software by ACGIL is a complete package for a hospital to handle all the day to day activities. The software system can manage In-patients, Out-patients, all the records of a hospital, database management system, billings, insurance, ambulance services etc.
  • Patient Registration system
  • Online billing system
  • Ward management system
  • Laboratory tests and management System
  • Operation theater details
  • Electronic Medical Records (EMR) system
  • Real-time test reports creation
  • Inventory and HR management
  • Accounting and finance management
  • Online Room Management System
  • Patient appointment system
Benefits :
Our modern Electra Hospital Management System software benefits - time saving, offers quick and accurate result and removes paper works and documentation work. Fast information retrieval of patients, takes quick decision and provides proper coordination with the entire hospital management and staff.

Saturday, 21 June 2014

Healthcare IT Solutions

Information Technology has changed the face of several industries. If we talk about the healthcare area, industry experts are better off concentrating on their primary proficiency, rather than route their efforts to other features of the organsation to ensure completion of projects. It is a big reason why outsourcing of healthcare IT solutions is going on across the market. There are tremendous advantages once this action is outsourced, since the hospital management can then devote its focus to the patient’s care and wellness.
Healthcare IT solutions such as Hospital Management System gives advantages like the solution of market best methods, control of working costs, convenience in coordination between various activities of the hospital, gradually resulting in excellent patient support, etc. The software provides useful information on a real-time basis, and patient data information can be access by the authorised persons with convenience.
IT solutions are beneficial for patients too. Electronic Medical Records (EMR) software, which is one of the technological innovation, guarantees that patients can ideally accessibility their medical reports online, thus decreasing documentation work. The same information can be viewed by their doctor which allows them make quick decisions.

In this way, the existence of IT solutions in healthcare industry is a great benefit for all the healthcare staff and assist them to achieve an advantage in the industry. To get more information visit http://www.acgil.com/products/hospital_management_system.htm.

Friday, 20 June 2014

Need To Own Construction IT Solutions

Nowadays, construction IT solutions are available at our convenience. They can be a great resource if used effectively. It is important for the construction industry to stay alert in this changing market circumstances. They have to make sure they stay faithful to their clients and make an above regular profit every time. The use of appropriate automation software will really help these organizations and particularly small sized business in expecting up to the complicated times ahead. Even having difficulties organizations can desire to come out of blues and begin to make money at a shorter time period.
Many construction firms these days are utilizing some kind of scheduling software in their complex construction business. If you are in the same category, try improving them to a more innovative and comprehensive software solution. If needed, get a new ERP for construction one which is full with all the advanced features needed for a construction firm. These efforts will allow the clients to recognize the effort you are putting in providing a quality service to them and to stand above your opponents.
Using these efficient and customized construction applications can help the firm in preserving a lot of money and time. As such organizations do spend quite a bit of resources in their day to day activities. Using software could mean less paper usage, less phone calls, everyday job reports and much more. In this time where technology is fast modifying, recognizing one for one's benefit has been a truth. Companies recognizing this fact go on to become quite effective in their project while others do the capturing up work. Get more information and avail our comprehensive construction ERP solutions by visiting http://www.acgil.com/products/smart_deals.htm .

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Thursday, 19 June 2014

ERP For Garment And Textile Industry

The garment industry generally focuses on developing or production of clothes and also the process of distribution and use of the produced textile. The textile market has modified consistently in the last few years. It looks at undertaking their business in methodical way. For this reason ERP can be used and it performs a crucial part. As we know ERP appears for business source preparing. Therefore the significant objective is plan out the sources used and keeping a appropriate information in software.

For both garment and textile industry ideal planning is essential and garment ERP software is designed to support this through source preparing. It helps review creation which has to be modified every time a improvement occurs. This report can be allocated among workers so that they also know which area has to be given more attention for the finishing the process. The garment and textile market is ever-changing and thus it is essential know the clients need and history it. Visit http://www.acgil.com/erp-buying-house.html to get more detailed information of ERP for garment sector.

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

What Is Customer Relationship Management?

Customer Relationship Management or CRM, is a company's business strategy developed to minimize costs and improve productivity by strengthening customer support, commitment, satisfaction and dedication. Best CRM gathers information from all data centres within a company to provide one, natural view of each client immediately. CRM allows customer experiencing employees in areas such as marketing, customer support and sales to make fast yet informed decisions.
It's a technique used to explore more about clients' requirements and behaviours in order to create more powerful relationships with them. At the end of the day, better customer relationships are at the center of business achievements. There are many technical elements to CRM, but considering CRM in mainly technical conditions is an error. The more useful way to think about CRM is as a procedure that will help carry together plenty of items of information about clients, revenue, marketing efficiency, responsiveness and market styles.

CRM software solutions supports sales, marketing and service functions to companies in a wide range of service sectors including consumer, logistics and transportation, public sector, utilities, financial services and much more.

Thursday, 12 June 2014

Web Based ERP Solutions for E-Business

ERP takes your E-business to new capabilities developing customer-focused enterprise atmosphere for combined business developments. For businesses the key to success would be to modern E-business abilities with advanced ERP solutions. Companies basically need a fast and efficient way to share information and encourage two-way interaction to deal up with easily fluctuating needs of the industry. E-business utilizing Web based ERP systems is the best solution that allows businesses to grow in the marketplace.
In a business if an order is received, its information flows through various branches such as manufacturing, distribution, warehousing and finance till the finished good is delivered to the client and the payment is received. In this way, this process undertakes multiple complex processes like planning, production, customer order, raw materials purchasing, manufacturing etc. which can be a cumbersome task to track manually. 

To control or track what is going on in various department of a business or company, an ERP solution is required. A web based ERP software can manage the entire processes as well as management of an E-commerce business efficiently. It is a complete Enterprise Resource Planning system which can be accessed any time from any where in the world.
Visit http://www.acgil.com/erp-solutions-india.htm to get the complete information of our Web ERP solutions.
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Wednesday, 11 June 2014

ACGIL : Software Development for Healthcare Industry

ACGIL is consistently developing cost-effective and scalable software solutions for various Healthcare industry verticals. Healthcare software solutions includes Hospital Management System (HIS), Electronic Medical Records (EMR), Laboratory Information System (LIS), Pharmacy Information System (PIS), Picture Achieving & Communication System (PACS) etc. We aim to provide such a software solution that really decreases operating costs by enhancing the planning, integration and management of a hospital. Another main objective of the ACGIL is to improve the efficiency of hospital staff including doctors, nurses, all branches and administration by offering solutions accessible via the latest technologies.
The company is committed to deliver quality-driven, robust, comprehensive and affordable Hospital Management Information System (HMIS) software for small to multi-specialty hospitals and clinics in all over the world, to cover a wide spectrum of healthcare management processes and administration.
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Wednesday, 4 June 2014

ERP Solution Providers in Noida, India

ACG Infotech Limited, headquartered at NOIDA, U.P. is best known for providing high-end ERP solutions. The company specializes in providing web-based ERP, Cloud ERP, construction ERP, manufacturing ERP, buying house ERP, garment ERP solutions to a wide range of industries. We also offer web-based CRM solutions and Hospital Management System software to all over the world.
We developed MX-ERP software solution that helps manufacturers from small to mid-size businesses and large enterprises. Our Mx-ERP offers a customised ERP solution with flexible inventory management systems, HR & Payroll and other applications.
ACG Infotech introduces together potential ERP solution buyers with relevant ERP vendors for construction, manufacturing industries, retail, garment, fashion, SME, SMB, engineering, small business, pharma, textiles, healthcare etc. Click here http://www.acgil.com/erp-software-noida.htm to get more details about our affordable ERP software products.

Monday, 2 June 2014

New Feature with Electra Hospital Management Software System

Electra, HMIS from ACGIL, provides another feature for most innovative deployment scenario. Now ends users can access the system as Extranet as well. Only a double LAN port in the Server and a broadband Internet connection is required to access the system.
Our Hospital Management Information System now offers the paramedics to use Android TAB to make the patient related inputs while moving within floors and intra department with doctors on round. This feature offers the users a great advantage of using it via most inexpensive Gadgets. It keeps away the requirement of usage of paper sheets and data re-entry later. The paramedics can make data entry once for all through TABs.
The system provides proper coordination with the entire hospital administration and management staff and takes immediate decisions. It takes less time, provides quick and correct information and decreases the headache to manage overall hospital functionality and day to day tasks. You can contact us to get more information regarding this system as per the below given details.

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