Friday, 6 November 2020

Electra HIS - Patient Management System & EMR

 All modules seamlessly integrated and powered by SONY’s NUCLeUS™, Electra HMIS is the open, scalable and vendor neutral EMR accessible over IP platform. It transforms surgical workflow efficiency in today networked hospital environment. Electra HMIS connects devices, applications and data transparently for real-time informed decisions by every hospital stakeholder.

Electra-HMIS or HIMS or HIS can solve many problems that a hospital faces in today’s environment. The major area where Electra-HMIS can greatly help are financial systems, communication systems, department management, medical documentation, and medical support systems. Digitization is nonetheless is base of all that Electra-HMIS can offer as it will Optimize and digitize all the processes, which will help to improve customer service, reduce process costs, streamline health records (EMR), automate patients bills etc. Other is Clinical management Support, which will provide a mechanism for sharing data collected from various sources (e.g., EMRs in care settings that may include personal health record). Data become available to clinical information systems via direct entry at the point of interaction with clinicians, digitized handwritten notes, and data collected by laboratory systems or other monitoring devices. The Patients data can be free text, clinical imaging (e.g., x-rays, CT, MRI).

Mainly four core components of clinical information systems in Electra-HMIS are

(1)EMR or EHR;
(2) CPOE systems;
(3) digital medical evidence; and
(4) decision-support tools.

These descriptions are quite helpful for clinicians while taking decision their procedures.

In nutshell Electra-HMIS solves main challenges that are being a barrier in adopting the HMS in healthcare industries are:
>Shortage of professional who have in-depth knowledge of HMSPoor acceptance of HMS Software
>Financial issues
>Government mandates
>Patient safety and quality care
>Staffing concerns
>Patient satisfaction
>Access to care
>Doctor-related issues
Therefore, if you are looking for Hospital management system for your Hospital, your search may be completed at ACGIL. For more information please call us at 098189 93537.

Tuesday, 12 November 2019

Get Business Ideas, Insights And Analysis To Streamline Your Supply Chain Management

As an associate of this company, I am writing this blog for giving ideas and criteria of how supply & logistics can be managed with the help of a process management software.
In any business model main facts that are considered first are time and money management. These are the major beams on which an organization stands. With the help of SCM the above goals can be achieved easily by any vertical. This software solution provides to the organizations the best results which in terms of reduced cost, increased revenue and discover new efficiencies throughout the process management.
Supply chain management software is basically implemented to the businesses to track firm's supply chain activities such as sales, purchasing, inventory stock, vendor management, invoicing and shipping operations. Further, if you have the right solution than you can beat all crucial challenges of this competitive industry. But if you have bought the software that has not matched with the process requirements you will definitely fall down and face loss in business.

Most of the companies prefer to implement an individual and completely separate system for organizing all sales, purchase, warehouse & logistics operations instead of relying on the supply chain modules integrated in an enterprise resource planning software. After knowing the solution, it is concluded that it is not a complex tool and it is tightly focused to grow business opportunities and reduce operational obstacles.
You can choose this company as your selective option for buying supply chain management solution. Being a reputed name across the market, products of this company are also demanded by all types of verticals. Prime motive to introduce supply chain system is to provide maximized profit to the sales and inventory sectors by eliminating business risks.
We always try to focus on client's individual needs and make them completely satisfy by our provided complete process of SCM software solutions. Each vertical is important to make a complete industry. So, business owners have to keenly optimize their process requirements and then make a selective choice for their supply chain management system.

Last but not the least point of our blog is that, is your software is compatible with your current working environment? The answer is right here. This company will provide you both cloud-hosted and web-based solutions that are developed keeping in mind the working platform compatibility which further results in enhancing business profitability.

Thursday, 8 August 2019

How Manufacturing ERP Software Company boosts business?

Where would you like to see your business in future? 

     Clearly at a large scale.

In basic terms, on the off chance that you are resolved to accomplish your  ideal business results, it implies that you are going a correct way and knows where you ought to  go for better endeavor development.

At present, Manufacturing industry face constant pressure to provide a high-quality consignment of products.. These challenges could also be in terms of labour shortages, economic fluctuations and compliance mandates that company need to face throughout production and process management etc 

ERP for Manufacturing Company is capable enough to fulfill the precise desires along side anticipating the longer term needs of the business surroundings. Enterprise resource coming up with package consists of varied little applications, which includes distribution, inventory, accounting, finance, production  and client relationship management.

Best Cloud ERP Software |Mx ERP

Manufacturing ERP Software System will be referred  as separate modules or applications, counting on that all the method performs. 

ERP for manufacturers. , whenever get enforced, it starts changes within the processes from the highest level management then followed by different departments.

No doubt that a decent ERP Development Company will select all the aspects of a company , however still entrepreneurs are very little confused in selecting the proper ERP for his or her organization They keep thinking that what if the chosen software system can’t meet the required desires of the business.

ERP Development companies in India are following  a similar approach and loved by their clients  by delivering the ERP software system solutions as per their careful specifications.
These ERP Development Companies have solutions for all the business verticals together with separate or method production. Even they challenge makers that can’t set their business strategy while not utilizing the total fledged ERP system developed by an expert software system development company. 

ERP companies bring for all types of manufacturers a wide and an industry-based range of production management software.The fact is true about the software that it completely resolves all the issues and challenges rise during the production and delivery of the products. 

Even, it is applicable for any size vertical either it is small, medium or big enterprise. Due to the use of this system, entrepreneurs can increase the profitability while remaining competitive in the market.

Apart of that, there are various other advantages of using manufacturing ERP software, that can be gradually seen by the entrepreneurs. They will see the changes in the ways of getting excellent revenue and profits from the business.

Monday, 22 July 2019

ACG Infotech Limited Now Enters in Renewal Energy Sector

IT has changed the world we see it now, do things or the way we interact with our peers. Unfortunately, it made little impact on energy management, we should witness great changes that will happen in demand response to utilities and grid operators. This will change in a big way as it is an opportunity for IT companies. There is hardly any competition across India.

One such step is taken up by ACGIL to associate with M/S Greenko Energy Projects Pvt Ltd. In Hyderabad and implemented its ERP software starting successfully with Kurnool solar plant (1000 MW, largest in India). IT has gone to the extent of using mobile phones where stakeholders are managing purchases worth several million dollars every day. Acquired SunEdison's Indian portfolio, Hyderabad-headquartered Greenko energy holdings, the hottest Indian green energy companies among global investors, has piped UK private equity Actis-backed renewable platform Ostro energy to strike the deal after months of negotiations. This indicates and promises good days for several It companies.

has developed, engineered, constructed and currently operated in many Indian cities, it operates on utility-scale solar assets strategically situated across the country's landscape. The company has already initiated integrated renewable energy storage projects in the states of Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka.
has started to implement the software Mx-ERP, one of its flagship products, and maintained post-sale support with complete satisfaction of Greenko Energy Projects Pvt ltd. Dr. M.M. Rao, purchase Head, and Mr. Nagendra Dandmundi, the executive vice president have appreciated ACGIL several times.

Thursday, 4 July 2019

What is the best software for a small construction business?

Construction Management ERP Software is probably the best software for a small and medium-sized construction business. It is an excellent Web-based Software for contractors, modellers and design-build companies. Construction ERP software is packed with beneficial features such as activity planning, scheduling, estimating, budgeting, internal & external communications. It is customized to handle any type of construction project regardless of size and level of complexity. These features make this Online ERP Software stand out among the crowd, and its unique design and work efficiency makes the whole process effortless and eliminates the manual process.
ACG Infotech Limited designed a web-based management tool to fulfill the construction requirements of builders, design-build firms. It integrates all important pieces of information in a single database, from where user can control orders, bids, budgets, and specific choices. The viewpoint about this application is that it is cloud-based, which means there is no need to install or care about maintenance. Be it a contract administrator or procurement management, or quality control management, this platform provides every technical tool according to the needs. Having such technology helps you achieve insight into the overall performance and better business future of the organization.

Monday, 6 May 2019

Reasons Your Hospital Management Software Is Not What  It Could Be

The overall facility in the hospitals and the medical centres needs to be upgraded from time to time. As this is one of the primary service, therefore there is a need for Hospital Management Software. With the use of the software, it provides the fastest use in different areas to give facilities to the patients. Also, the entire tasks will be managed smoothly and in a simplified way. To add to this, the updated software is very useful in the Hospitality management.

                        Why do we use the latest Hospital Management Software:

1. Simple to use: Once the Software is modified, then the use of the same becomes simple and quick. The software is designed in such a way that anyone can make use and no speacial training is needed. This software includes components for all relevant departments. In case the changes are made, that is available in the history log.
2. Security of Data with Backup: Nowadays the size of the application has increased sue to which earlier the clients were lost. But with the updated version, the data can be traced. Data for last few years can be seen as and when required. Not only this, the backup processs takes place time to time.

3. Ease on Data Management: With the incoming of patients, the data also gets increased. All the patients details such as patients record, treatment details, lab reports, diagnosis, bills and many more are all secured with the use of this software.
4. Schedule of Appointments: The necessary appointments of the patients are shared with the help alerts sends via messages or emails. Moreover, the patients get a link with which appointment status can be traced or amended too.
5. Errors can be reduced : In hospital administration, the errors are not acceptable. Missing of any information creates a lot of trouble. The areas prone to errors can be simply avoided with the use of the Hospital Management Software. Earlier, the data was into the files which is now totally omitted as this is time-consuming.
This Software is time-saving and error-free at the same time. With time things needs to be changed also. At the end the motto needs to be fulfilled. The modern technology is system , makes best used portals that are well-organised and stressless ambience for the employees.