Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Customized Mx-ERP Packages Provided by ACGIL

At ACGIL, we offer a choice of Cloud ERP packages implementation. Mx-ERP packages have been developed over a decade and have been successfully implemented in several manufacturing, construction, retail, trading and other modern industries across the world. These packages have been considered the most successful of all the advanced ERP packages available today.
We customize and implement ERP packages that provides the full featured functionality that clients need across various industries such as manufacturing, retail, construction, healthcare, etc. Typically the following modules are provided with generic functionality by ACGIL; sales, procurement, manufacturing, HR, finance, accounting, warehouse management and inventory, etc.
We use industry proven methodology in our ERP development and implementation processes and actively engage with the clients in getting requirements clarified and show them project development progress using demonstrations time to time. A complete methodology for implementing ERP is followed by us.

Mx-ERP Advantages:
Customization: Mx-ERP package provides most customizable and extensible functionality to the end users.
Vendor independence: These packages basically works on multiple application, database servers and operating systems, thus it is a vendor independence solution.
A well-developed, properly implemented ERP software package can offer terrific advantages to a business enterprise no matter their size or scope. The competency to run status reports quickly with no manual data entry can offer firms with priceless information on business processes.
ERP software provides more flexibility in the way of a business operation than traditional packages do. A well-designed ERP system has the ability to process information from each and every part of a company, and any kind of transaction, within a single, integrated-solution which can control real-time processes and provide timely, accurate information to business managers.