Monday, 28 April 2014

Affordable ERP Software in India

Mx-ERP by ACGIL is a flexible, affordable and comprehensive industrial ERP software India product. It is not just a software solution, it is an innovative approach specially developed to reduce cost, risk and deliver the best business solution for your organization.
It is a full-featured and fully integrated ERP applications designed to fulfil the needs of small and medium-sized Indian manufacturers, distributors, contractors and real estate builders. Mx-ERP for small and medium businesses is an affordable, easy to implement and user-friendly solution enabling the SME to focus on improving and growth of their business.

The chief operational factors of our ERP software solutions are to enhancement operation efficiency, decrease production cost, inventory management, supply chain management and deliver product to customer timely. Visit to know more about our various flexible web-based ERP products.

Thursday, 24 April 2014

ERP Software Solutions for Various Industries

Our comprehensive ERP software solutions covers almost everything that you require to run efficient manufacturing business. ACGIL has expertise in offering scalable ERP solutions to various industries such as manufacturing, construction, export house, calibration lab, advertising industry, food industry, autmobile, fertilizer, retails, pharmaceuticals companies and many more.

We offer user-friendly Online ERP software, which are very flexible and customizable systems as per your demands. The software integrates all aspects of a business like Planning, Marketing, Sales, Materials, Finance, Manufacturing, Human Resources etc. The online software provides a centralized solution for all processes and data an organization.

Web ERP for Construction Companies

Cost estimation is one greatest challenges for a construction firm, which creates a lot of overheads and expenses. Construction projects may take even many years to complete, so managing the projected cost with actual cost would become cumbersome. Another big concern for this industry is the complexity of the projects. These two challenges can make a project very difficult and inflexible. This could make it very arduous to do real-time cost estimation of various projects.
To overcome with these problems, we offer a robust, cost-effective and flexible construction ERP solution for real estate, builders and construction companies. There are many benefits of the successful implementation of an ERP solution into the Construction firm such as cost, revenue, productivity, profitability and risk decrease with real-time data processing. Web based ERP for construction makes the system available for all the members associated with the projects in a company. Visit to get more details about this software solution.

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Customizable and Flexible Web Based CRM Solutions

ACGIL provides a flexible and customizable web based CRM software solution for various small to large-sized business to manages their sales, marketing, finance and customer relationships. It is a modern, scalable software solution that meets all the requirements of a firm and gives a real-time experience of your business, create and hold opportunities, examine performance, get immediate updates and maintains better customer relations.
The system is a fully-customized, standards-based CRM software solutions with flexibility in nature and full control of a company's data combined with the qualities of a web-based CRM software such as online data access, and the ability to get up and run speedily.

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Cloud Hosted Hospital Information System

We provide a secure and robust cloud based Hospital Management System to deliver best solution to streamline all hospital functions/operations to information sharing as well as data distribution across multiple hospital branches. The comprehensive system offers interactive applications to enable the entire hospital staff to monitor, manage, analyse the information, maintain patient's records accessible over web over secure connections.

Some of the salient features of the solution are:
a. Online Hospital Information System
b. Online EMR Management
c. Online Drug Inventory and dispensing by Pharmacy
d. Online Lab Information System
e. Online Physician Practice Management
f. Hospital Inventory and Warehouse management

Saturday, 19 April 2014

Open Source ERP & CRM Solutions

ACGIL integrates all the functionalities of a business in a single system such as sales, accounting, operations with inventory control, customer management, distribution and manufacturing.
Our web based ERP solution is a simple, flexible and easy to use software that manages all the financial transactions of a business. Open source ERP by ACGIL provides an efficient way to manage your financial ERP processes. It is a portable system and can be used in different platform like Linux, Solaris, Windows, Mac OS and Unix with the same productivity and efficiency. Various Open source web based CRM solutions offered by ACGIL sets a new standard in open source Customer Relationship Management. It is a easy to learn by the sales executives and very simple for management to generate reports required to see their business growth.

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Cloud Based Hospital Management Information System by ACGIL

A fully integrated cloud based Hospital Management Information System designed by ACGIL to offer a virtually paperless work atmosphere in every division of a hospital. The Electra Hospital Management Information System is an extensive software solution for small, medium and large hospitals. The solution is complete web-based and comprises a modern Enterprise Resource Planning System (ERP), Archiving Management System (AMS), Financial Accounting System (FAS), Document Management System (DMS), Electronic Medical Records (EMR) and many more.
Visit to get more details about the robust, flexible and cost-effective cloud-based Hospital Information system.

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Process Manufacturing ERP Software

Manufacturing ERP software includes a management tools for a various areas such as Financials, CRM (Customer Relation Management), Supply Chain Management, Scheduling, Planning, Plant Level Performance Reporting, Inventory, Warehouse Quality Assurance/Management, and Distribution Management. The software comes with an industry specific module for process manufacturers businesses which takes the modular manufacturing, stock, routing functions, bills of material. 
ERP for manufacturing manages the entire organization as a whole, giving permission to tools for effective organising the entire firm. ACGIL's Mx-ERP for manufacturing industry offers a great mixture of control and flexibility. The solution is especially designed by industry experts with all the special features required to manage cost allocation across co-products and demand pull scheduling. 

Friday, 4 April 2014

Various Modules of Construction ERP

Construction ERP by ACGIL is a comprehensive ERP solution with high success rate. Designed especially for the Contractors and Real Estate builders, it comes with one of the easiest user interfaces. It is a web based Construction ERP solution with a central database with multi user access. Here are the modules:
  • Purchase Module
  • Inventory Module
  • HR & Payroll Module
  • Tools & Plants Module
  • Tender - Bid Module
  • Sub-Contractor Payment Module
  • Financial Management
  • Engineering Module
  • Admin Module

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Best Web Based Software Solutions by ACGIL

ACGIL provides the best web based ERP & web Based CRM software solutions to small, medium and large-sized organizations. We offer the flexible web based ERP services at competitive rates.
Web Based CRM
Open source CRM solutions are the best way to be in line with your customer management process. CRM software is all about managing relationships with customers and is an integral part of a customer centric firm or business. Web based CRM come with several modules to keep track of the sales and after sales relationships of an organization.
Web Based ERP
In comparison to the other software, a web based ERP solution connects to all the segments of a business anywhere in the world. These are the most efficient ERP solutions available in the market. It is a fully integrated application, especially designed & developed to reduce costs, improve functionality and enhance revenue of a business.