Friday, 31 January 2014

Complete Software Solution for Blood Bank Management by ACGIL

Blood Bank Management Software by ACGIL has been developed with an aim of substituting all the paperwork done by the blood bank department of a hospital staff. The solution can be either operating as an individual medical centre, nursing home or part of a Hospital. All aspects of blood banking process from donor record management, blood stock inventory maintenance, screening covering all tests, patient registration, cross matching, patient issues etc. are completely managed by the software.

Major features of blood bank management software:

  • Donor registration
  • Donor master
  • Requisition detail
  • Requisition form
  • Secure user management system
  • Bottle return form
  • Cross matching report
  • Employee details
  • Bottle issue & issue of blood bag
  • Receipt printing
Our Blood Bank software can be operated as an independent solution or as a combined module with the Hospital Management Information System. Our Hospital Management System has the facility of registration of patients, storing their information into the software, and also generates computerized bills for the pharmacy department and labs.

Web Based CRM and Its Benefits

Web Based CRM software is a complete web based solution for marketing, ales support, contact management, customer information, regularly ordered items, automated replenishment systems, one-click purchasing, market research and analysis, project tracking and other Customer related tasks. It allows all users to share a centralized contact manager and database, either over the web or within a local intranet. 
Web based CRM software focuses on building long-term and matured customer relationships that benefits both the organization and customer. CRM recognizes the importance of the customers as they are the base of a business and the success of an organization depends on effectively establishing relationships with them.
Some benefits of web based CRM solution are:
  • A web based CRM software can be accessed anytime from anywhere across the globe.
  • The sales team can instantly find out and cater to customer preferences
  • Users can update and share lead information, contact details, customer database, projects and other tasks with the help of a web browser and from anywhere in the world.
  • The detailed profiles of a customer is promptly available and easily updated
  • The customer data is organized and secure

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Implementing CRM Solution for Better Customer Relationship

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution is used to manage relationships with customers. It helps you to maintain contacts, emails, sales leads and other useful information of the customers. A businessman finds all possible ways to improve their business for providing better customer experience. The business firms can offer superior services if they are able to organize the data of clients and customers properly.
The solution does not involve direct interaction with the clients. Rather it focuses on the relationships of individuals with clients, with the purpose of better client satisfaction and increasing profits. Maintaining the customer relationships of a firm is a very crucial in today's market.
CRM software India helps to develop long-term relationships with the customers and helps you give best customer service. It helps a business create a database about its customers. Thus, staff members of the management can also retrieve information. An efficient web based CRM enables the development of critical information that becomes an important source for improving sales and market effectiveness as well as reducing costs.

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Cost-Effective Construction ERP by ACG Infotech

Construction industry with increased raw material pricing and high land cost requires best cost control and on time project delivery to get profit. To accomplish this goal, the construction firms need to be enabled with actual project managing & estimating software solution with built-in financial accounting ability.
ACGIL's ERP software for project, inventory, management, sales and accounting is a cost-effective construction software that trace all the project management, financial, accounting, marketing, after sales, inventory, supplier and operational needs of firms within this industry domain.

From goods-in to dispatch, ACG Infotech Construction ERP software stimulates efficient inventory management. The software generates inter-site transfers, back-to-back orders etc. Fast accessibility of information and user-friendly menu-structures are the most special merits of our ERP solution.

Friday, 17 January 2014

An Overview of Laboratory Information System

When a patient is tested, whether at hospital and clinic, Laboratory Information System would enable technicians of the laboratory to store the results into a database. Test results will be connected to individual’s health records of the patients, offering resources for treating patients.
With the ACGIL’s Laboratory Information System we have developed a high quality, best in performance system solution for all medical laboratories. As an integrated centralized repository of different tests and results, Laboratory Information System will contribute to basic improvements in patient care by offering doctors and technicians with timely access to information that is required at the time of clinical decision making.
ACGIL believes that a cost-effective software solutions designed by their expert team can make a positive change in the way hospitals, clinics are managed today. Electra Hospital Information System software developed by them will make the hospital management more effective and efficient. It is a powerful modern hospital management software system that streamlines all the day-to-day activities required to run a hospital or clinic effectively.

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

How CRM Software Useful For A Business

Customer Relationship Management software is also known as CRM software, is a system used to manage the sales force and clients of a business in an organized manner. It allows a business to manage all customer information in a centralized location that is available to an entire organization. CRM software solutions helps the firms with various features such as lead management, sales management, client handling, marketing activities, support and many more.
Following are the main characteristics of a CRM software:
  • accessibility
  • reliability
  • competence
  • safety
  • responsiveness
  • consideration
  • recognising the customer
  • communication
Web based CRM software determines the relationship between a company and its customers. A flexible CRM software solution allows a business to effectively handle a huge number of customers, retain good customers, and define how customers can be given a satisfied service. The software is indeed meant to trace the requirements of marketing, sales and customer service within a company.

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

5 Major Advantages of Using Web Based ERP Softwarwe

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) allows you to organize all your business processes efficiently across all the departments of a company. A flexible Web Based ERP software can be maintained centrally and performed across various platforms. 
Here are some great advantages of a Web Based ERP:
Access from anywhere and anytime: One can use it from anywhere and anytime or from any corner of the world with the help of a web browser and Internet connection.
No hardware & installation: Being browser based software solution, a user can input data with the help of an user id and password from any computer with the help of Internet connection.
Quicker communication: As the software is accessible from anywhere it makes communication faster within the various segments of an organization.
Real time data management: With the help of web based ERP, software activities can be managed efficiently due to real time data management.
Best solution for field executives: Field Executives normally visit for client meetings, when it comes to data entry in ERP system, web based ERP works best for these personnels as data exchange happens easily.
Visit us here ACGIL, to get more details about our various manufacturing ERP software, construction ERP, Cloud ERP, ERP on Demand, Buying House ERP, online ERP & CRM software solutions etc.