Friday, 19 September 2014

On Demand Cloud Based ERP for Manufacturers

On Demand ERP by ACG Infotech is designed generally for small to mid-size manufacturing businesses for managing business operations, accounting, inventory in real-time with minimum upfront costs, quick implementation, endless support, and no ongoing maintenance required. For On Demand Cloud ERP software, the monthly subscription charges include training, support, system maintenance, hardware, software, and upgrade services. The software system offers faster implementations with flexibility and customization to meet future growth and demands for a company's manufacturing process.
By using these On-Demand ERPs, clients get many advantages that are not integral part of the Cloud. By using these solutions, clients save money and time both on maintenance, installation and services. One of the major advantages of a Cloud based ERP for manufacturing industry includes use of a browser to access a software solution over the Internet to perform the business process functions of a firm.
It offers the customers reduced hardware costs, software customization and application scalability to meet the standard of the software industry. It also made us easier to deliver our ERP software as a service (SaaS) for the customers who wish to get an ERP without managing upgrades, software, and hardware with decreased up-front expenses. Click here to get complete details about the software solution.

Thursday, 18 September 2014

Small Organization ERP Software Remedy for SME

ERP is a program designed for business management. This program integrates a huge assortment of economic facets as producing, preparing, marketing and sales. Due to the point that the ERP Software has become more and more popular recently, a lot of programs have been designed to help the organization managers to implement ERP Software Solutions in different business activities as: order tracking, stock management, human and financial resources and customer support. Implementing ERP is a difficult and expensive procedure, but due to its excellent efficiency its expenses can be liquidated in a short time period.

As it is well known, little companies are, most of the time, family enterprises and only a few use ERP software. Because the implementation of an ERP option would be expensive and time intensive most of them preferred to use a bookkeeping program instead. But, due to the point that the organization environment is changing continuously and the method and little business tend to develop quickly, ERP alternatives have turned out to be the answer for these kinds of companies, too. At present many companies provide ERP treatment for the little business proprietors. Some of the players in this delicate field are Compared, Microsoft Organization Remedy, The User-friendly Enterprise Remedy and ERP.
Compiere is an Open Source business resource preparing software designed especially for method and companies. It is able to handle different actions in domains like bookkeeping, Supply Chain Management, and Customer Management.
Lately Acgil has started to provide ERP alternatives to the method and companies. This will connect the little and the method business with the larger companies and with these organizations' suppliers, employees and customers. This reality will be of an excellent help for the method and little business.
The User-friendly Enterprise Remedy aims at method and little manufacturers. This ERP application has been designed to help these companies to increase their efficiency and to lower the expenses. The User-friendly ERP organizes the zazzle corporation, focuses to create management and flexibility, and automates the organization business procedure. Many programs offer the complete integration of the procurement, preparing and of the management of the materials. It is also able to facilitate the reduction of the production expenses and of the financial procedure improving in this way the management, the quality and the efficiency of the organization.

ERP is a business resource preparing solution provided by Suite.ERP is a software application designed to provide an excellent support for the back-office operations of the companies. It has been designed to handle stock, purchasing, Web presence, Financials and the payroll. This application makes use of compactly integrated ERP components and has a beneficial impact upon the whole business procedure.
It has shown that the bookkeeping systems are able to handle only the small-scale companies. Taking into account that the method and ERP Software Company develop very quickly now, ERP alternatives have turned out to be an excellent help. Enterprise resource preparing software applications is a business wide and cross functional being able to cover and management all the important actions of a little business.

Thursday, 11 September 2014

ERP for Manufacturing Industry

ACGIL's ERP for Manufacturing industry is a web-based, comprehensive, scalable and flexible solution for various manufacturing industries in India with a major focus on small-sized to medium-sized manufacturing companies. The strength of ACGIL Manufacturing ERP lies in the customized process manufacturing features that helps several kinds of manufacturing, which includes make to order, engineer to order, configure to order, make to stock, assemble to order separately, or all the processes at the same time.
A rich set of module in our manufacturing ERP are:
- Production and planning
- Sales Management
- Inventory & Warehouse
- Purchase Management
- Finance & Accounting
- HR & Payroll
- Third Party Outsourcing
- Quality Management
- Electronic Data Interchange
- Software Administration
Our ERP for manufacturing industry deals with various process in a manufacturing company such as food processing, pharmaceuticals, flexible packaging, cosmetics, metal manufacturing, automobile manufacturing, biscuit manufacturing, fashion industry and much more. Visit to get more details.

Monday, 8 September 2014

Integrated Hospital Management Information System

The integrated Hospital Management System performs day-to-day tasks of every division in a hospital and creates MIS reports quickly after gathering all the information of patients. It is a robust Healthcare application software specially design and developed for small to large-sized hospitals. It has a user-friendly interface and runs on a huge range of devices such as smart phones, mobiles, tablets other than laptops and computers. The software is a web-based solution accessible via all web browsers with the help of an Internet connection from anywhere in the world.

Patient information, pathology lab reports, billing, accounts, EMR, blood bank management, bed census management, TPA management, duty roster, CSSD management, appointment & queue management, front-desk management, nursing & ward management, human resource, stock & asset management – all these can be effectively handled from our integrated Hospital Management Information System. Thus, our HMIS system software is a suitable solution for the computerization of a hospital. 

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Customized ERP for Construction Business

The demands on development companies have never been greater. General and specialized business companies require the best economical and functional software to be successful in the face of increasing costs, challenging customers, and a lack of certified labor. ACGIL Construction ERP is a time-tested construction software solution that offers powerful project management solutions for small to midsize construction businesses.

With ERP for construction your business can improve the ideal positioning and effectiveness of financial, human capital and functional procedures. It provides extremely effective technology and all the tools you require to improve the profitability and efficiency of your business. Construction ERP is loaded with highly effective features that is extremely simple to apply and use. It is well customized in its scope, modular and versatile, fully user-friendly, totally secure and reliable, extremely scalable and performance-wise the best in the industry.
Major features are:
  • Can offer a single point of contact with individual customer
  • Generates and tracks all the contracts
  • It offers project managers with quick access to crucial data
  • Creates targeted sales plans

Monday, 1 September 2014

Supply Chain Management Software in India

The Supply Chain Management software allows supplier cooperation in all areas of life-cycle of a product. Increased competition has required the company to focus on core proficiency and therefore modular manufacturing enables the company to outsource certain activities in the production procedure to the suppliers. Supply Chain Management application involves all other applications and individual modules of purchasing, delivery, logistics and stock & inventory control. The high price involved in the implementation of this software prevents method and small businesses from setting up it.

Start from the Purchase to the pay process, the cycle begins with purchase, inspection, production, billing, inventory, logistics, and finally pay. The Supply Chain Management software system incorporates all the above mentioned functions, holding at the same time, the vendor-user contribution in a cooperative mode. In a collaborative atmosphere, the task of a supplier is not just conditioned to supply materials, but to constantly organize inventory of the user. Visit to get detailed information about Supply Chain software offered by ACGIL.