Tuesday, 31 December 2013

How to Choose a Suitable Online ERP Software for Your Business

ERP software solution has a very flexible function within any business organization. online ERP software or web based ERP software can be maintained centrally and performed across various platforms. The software customization and implementation according to the needs of an organization is usually required in every ERP solution. Many software companies may not comply with your real business needs, objectives and process. You need to customize your ERP software because this customization determines an ERP a success or failure for a business organization.
Selecting a most suitable ERP software for your business, you require a lot of attention and focus. ERP software functionality is used CRM (customer relationship management) systems, Inventory management system, finance management and Human Resource system and many more. No doubt the ERP software companies designed customized, user-friendly and affordable ERPs to fulfill the requirements of the modern businesses to manage their business processes.

Sunday, 22 December 2013

Flexible Hospital Management System for Healthcare Industry

The Hospital Management System (HMS) provided by ACG Infotech is a ready to use system to assist hospital owners and medical centers put their plan in place to reduce costs, optimize day to day processes, manage Dr. appointments, improve patient satisfaction and run the hospital smoothly. It is a suitable and flexible software for corporate and doctor owned hospitals, various clinics, medical centers and nursing homes in India. It provides the benefits of enhanced administration and control, streamlined operations, cost reduction, better ROI and improved response. 
Our Hospital Information System offers end-to-end operation and service management for healthcare industry. Below are the list of modules:
* Registration
* Outpatient Management
* Inpatient Management
* Pharmacy
* General Store & Inventory
* Laboratory
* Radiology
* Physiotherapy
* Electronic Medical Record (EMR)
* Financial Accounting
* Fixed Assets
* Payroll
* Dental
* Service
* User Manager 
The hospital management system offers both patient care as well as clinical aspects to the hospital management. It is divided into various modules, each defining a particular functionality of a hospital and there by facilitating better patient care. Each and every module is designed such a way that they meet the present and future needs of a hospital. The modules can be used as a stand alone software or can be unified in a phased manner.

Friday, 20 December 2013

Get Scalable ERP Software To Streamline Your Construction Business

ERP designed for Construction company reduces the complexity which usually arises in real estate construction projects. The construction ERP software streamlines the project management, tender-Bid, job cost, accounting, finance and Human Resources etc. to improves business performance and simplify management of complex construction operations. The software solution is specifically designed to streamline the accounting processes to give more time to analyze information, efficiently manage the huge amount of data generated throughout the construction project life cycle alongwith as organizes construction administration procedure. 
The complex construction projects need effective structure and sophisticated management. With the help of the construction ERP software developed by ACG Infotech, you can streamline all your business processes, you are really organizing your functions and creating your own custom construction management solution. You need not to sign into multiple systems, and multi-task from one computer to another. 
We deliver a software product that meets all of your business function requirements in Real Estate sector. Our Construction ERP modules – Purchase, Architecture, Sales, Engineering, Tools & Plant, Financial Management, Tender-Bid, Admin, HR & Payroll and Accounts - will surely allow project managers deliver various construction projects to their customers meeting the highest quality, standard, budget and safety.
ERP software for construction companies is very powerful product that can capture and monitor all functions right from pre-construction phase to post construction phase.

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Low Cost Web Based ERP Solution

The Web-based ERP solution by ACG Infotech, simplifies back-office process automation for small-sized, mid-sized and growing organizations. The solution provides real-time information about purchase, employee management, finance, inventory, order management, e-commerce and much more. The solution provides efficient services to customers, suppliers and partners. It improves productivity and reliability of a business organization. The solution is very affordable, scalable, robust and also know as web based ERP

Today, the demand of online ERP software become very popular due to the internet, best possible development and other technologies. Many organizations having operations, offices and branches at multiple locations found online ERP more comfortable. It offers real time data retrieval facility to the employees of a company, no matter he/she is in office or outside the office. A quick interaction with the organization allows them to provide the client faster and in more effective way. 
Thus, no need to be present at a particular location to access the information and reports which can be viewed anytime from anywhere. ACG Infotech's web based ERP solutions are genuinely based on client requirement. It provides complete front and back end support to the clients.

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Web Based CRM : Best Option for Small to Medium-Sized Companies

Web based CRM is deployed over the internet and are ideal for both small to medium-sized and large companies. It enables a company to avail all the benefits of a CRM software and the troubles associated with an on site client server CRM tool. Few years back, CRM software solutions had been based on client-server architecture. The users faced some draw backs of this solutions led to the development of web based CRM solutions. Basically the solutions are some business strategies designed mainly for e-commerce.

If you are running a small to medium sized business, then a web based CRM can be a good option for you. It provides flexibility at cost effective rates and easy to handle. Web based CRM solution doesn't need you to invest a big amount in a dedicated server. Only an internet connection is all that you require to access the information that you need. One can set different access levels for various users, employees in a company. This is a big advantage of a web based solution and makes it an ideal solution for all small and medium sized businesses.
 You can stay connected with your employees, business through a web based CRM while you are traveling outside. Many CRM software company who earlier sold only on-site CRM solutions are now initiated to provide a customized web based CRM.

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Construction ERP Software to Minimize the Construction Complexities

Construction ERP software helps contractors, construction companies, real estate firms to automate all of their functionalists, manage their projects, take control over the costs and create a variety of analytical reports for the top management.
The proper integrated workflow approach to ERP for construction industry makes physical tasks to equipment, job consulting data and reporting affordable, very simple and easy to use as compared to traditionally modular accounting and ERP systems.
Construction ERP software can be used for all types of projects such as retail complexes, townships, apartments, malls etc. That is, construction ERP software segregate information on the basis of projects, customers, brokers etc. A suitable construction ERP software is marked by its scalability and customizability.

Hospital Management Information System : Useful for Smooth Running of a Hospital

As hospitals are very important part of a city, so it should be organized in an efficient way. Today, the information technology has made it much easier to maintain the day to day activities of a hospital. The hospital management system is very easy to maintain, affordable and get with reliable cost. It can be used for small, medium and large hospitals, medical centers and nursing homes.
The system helps you deal with various types of information related to the running of a hospital. The system is a computerized software that is specially designed to deal with all the data required to manage a hospital. It not only help you run a hospital efficiently and smoothly but also save a lot of time. It provides a quick retrieval of any information needed from the hospital within a few minutes. 
Hospital Management Information System incorporates features focused at managing all aspects of a hospital and cover areas like inpatients, outpatients, medical records, inventory of medicines and other material, appointments, laboratory and accounts, doctors in charge, reception, scheduling of doctor duties, OPD etc.