Monday, 24 March 2014

Web Based CRM & Lead Management

A flexible and customized web-based CRM solution simplifies things such as lead management, customer contacts management, data analysis, quotation and sales order management, marketing planning, activity management, campaign management, etc. It helps you see what's happening and assists you to make strategies and in better decision-making. It is an open source software application with helps you in pipeline tracking and better customer relationship management.
It will boost the ability of a business to organize multiple leads and sales thus take care of current customers efficiently.

Web Based CRM reduces costs and enhances efficiency with centralized, web-based CRM solution. It accesses real-time information from the centralized database that removes informational delays and losses. It is a robust, stable, flexible, and secure system that will all business competency at a strategic level.
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Some unique features of a powerful CRM: 
a. Contact management 
b. Customization 
c. Easy to Use 
d. Mobility 
e. Data Analytics

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