Thursday, 13 March 2014

Best Healthcare Software Solution Provider in India

Hospital management system software, a paperless software system is specially developed by ACGIL covers all the basic requirements as well as manages doctor’s appointment details, operation theater details, in patient department, outpatient department, reception, patient history information and all other activities of a hospital.
A best hospital management system provides excellent coordination between all the departments of a hospital and private nursing home. ACGIL is well known for its world class IT services in the healthcare industry for many decades. It is a complete and extensive hospital management solution to streamline all the functions of a hospital.
Some major features of the system are mentioned below: 
 * Patient Information 
* Reception management 
* Online patient appointment system 
* In Patients & Out Patients management System 
* Online bed management system 
* Ambulance and other services 
* Operation theater management 
* Laboratory tests & laboratory equipment management 
* Inventory and pharmacy management details 
* Online billing system


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