Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Customized Cloud Hosted ERP Solutions By ACGIL

In this fast-growing business industry, more and more companies are turning to ERP cloud based solutions to assist them become a competitive force in their industry. ACGIL, one of the top ERP providers in India offers customized and flexible Cloud hosted ERP solutions for small, mid and large-sized businesses.
Cloud ERP for small business integrates essential business processes such as accounting, inventory, HR, finance into one system on the Cloud. Cloud ERP for small business are used by thousands of large and small-sized companies across the entire industry. It offers small businesses an opportunity to grow rapidly in this competitive world. If you’re still dependent on spreadsheets rather than cloud solutions for your small business, then you may be collecting up a variety of inaccuracies and errors in your business.

Unlike traditional ERP, online ERP software with cloud hosting service does not require a huge direct investment. With this solution, you can expect to pay a considerable amount to maintain and purchase servers and other hardware, deploy and configure. On the other hand traditional ERP not only requires higher costs but also more time and efforts.

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