Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Web Based CRM : Best Option for Small to Medium-Sized Companies

Web based CRM is deployed over the internet and are ideal for both small to medium-sized and large companies. It enables a company to avail all the benefits of a CRM software and the troubles associated with an on site client server CRM tool. Few years back, CRM software solutions had been based on client-server architecture. The users faced some draw backs of this solutions led to the development of web based CRM solutions. Basically the solutions are some business strategies designed mainly for e-commerce.

If you are running a small to medium sized business, then a web based CRM can be a good option for you. It provides flexibility at cost effective rates and easy to handle. Web based CRM solution doesn't need you to invest a big amount in a dedicated server. Only an internet connection is all that you require to access the information that you need. One can set different access levels for various users, employees in a company. This is a big advantage of a web based solution and makes it an ideal solution for all small and medium sized businesses.
 You can stay connected with your employees, business through a web based CRM while you are traveling outside. Many CRM software company who earlier sold only on-site CRM solutions are now initiated to provide a customized web based CRM.


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