Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Low Cost Web Based ERP Solution

The Web-based ERP solution by ACG Infotech, simplifies back-office process automation for small-sized, mid-sized and growing organizations. The solution provides real-time information about purchase, employee management, finance, inventory, order management, e-commerce and much more. The solution provides efficient services to customers, suppliers and partners. It improves productivity and reliability of a business organization. The solution is very affordable, scalable, robust and also know as web based ERP

Today, the demand of online ERP software become very popular due to the internet, best possible development and other technologies. Many organizations having operations, offices and branches at multiple locations found online ERP more comfortable. It offers real time data retrieval facility to the employees of a company, no matter he/she is in office or outside the office. A quick interaction with the organization allows them to provide the client faster and in more effective way. 
Thus, no need to be present at a particular location to access the information and reports which can be viewed anytime from anywhere. ACG Infotech's web based ERP solutions are genuinely based on client requirement. It provides complete front and back end support to the clients.


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