Sunday, 22 December 2013

Flexible Hospital Management System for Healthcare Industry

The Hospital Management System (HMS) provided by ACG Infotech is a ready to use system to assist hospital owners and medical centers put their plan in place to reduce costs, optimize day to day processes, manage Dr. appointments, improve patient satisfaction and run the hospital smoothly. It is a suitable and flexible software for corporate and doctor owned hospitals, various clinics, medical centers and nursing homes in India. It provides the benefits of enhanced administration and control, streamlined operations, cost reduction, better ROI and improved response. 
Our Hospital Information System offers end-to-end operation and service management for healthcare industry. Below are the list of modules:
* Registration
* Outpatient Management
* Inpatient Management
* Pharmacy
* General Store & Inventory
* Laboratory
* Radiology
* Physiotherapy
* Electronic Medical Record (EMR)
* Financial Accounting
* Fixed Assets
* Payroll
* Dental
* Service
* User Manager 
The hospital management system offers both patient care as well as clinical aspects to the hospital management. It is divided into various modules, each defining a particular functionality of a hospital and there by facilitating better patient care. Each and every module is designed such a way that they meet the present and future needs of a hospital. The modules can be used as a stand alone software or can be unified in a phased manner.

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