Thursday, 21 November 2013

Unique Pathology Lab Software for Hospitals

Pathology Lab Software is a specific clinical laboratory system which helps in making quick and accurate reports of pathology Lab. The software not only keep track of accounts records but also print smart reports. It is very efficient, user friendly and reliable software system and the implementation is also very simple. The doctors, lab assistants can use it according to their convenience. 
The Laboratory Information System from ACG Infotech is a unique Pathology Lab Software, specially designed for Pathology Lab to reduce costs, order cycle time in a Pathology Lab. The software is a part of hospital management software and the users of this information software system can capture a quick results for:
  • Pathology Test
  • X-ray
  • ECG
  • Ultrasound
  • C.T. SCAN
Some unique features of Pathology Lab software system:
  • Auto generation of sample number for subsequent samples.
  • Search by using unique patient ID/Record ID/ Name /Between any two Dates.
  • Doctor's referrals and amount collected from relevant patients.
  • Information gathering about date of Visit, Referred Doctor name etc.
  • Printing of stickers with bar codes for sample identification
  • Online receipt of request for investigations.
  • Generate Test Reports and receipt generation for printing

With the help of Pathology Lab Software, a pathologist can track the records of the patients in a hospital. Today, many doctors and pathologists prefer to use this software system for lab in order to streamline and improve work productivity.