Thursday, 7 November 2013

Functions of Hospital Management Information System

Managing complex administrative and clinical processes in a hospital frees the staff to give more time on looking after patients in hospital and extending the reach of services from in-patient to out-patient, to long term care and even home care. Access to the information and the automation of critical tasks and workflow is key to not only making this task but work efficiently.
Our Electra hospital management information system, a result of constant innovation, goes beyond hospital automation to enable resource management and information management, transformation in patient care, leading to better patient outcomes and healthier operations.
Functions of HMIS:

  • Effective utilization of hospital facilities and improves inventory control
  • Makes data collected available for research purposes
  • Generates MIS reports, which help the management in making policy decisions.
  • Provides information required to support patient care
  • Maintains records necessary for statutory requirements
  • Data security, integrity and accessibility
  • Efficient tracking of critical public health related data

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