Saturday, 23 November 2013

Low Cost Web Based ERP Solutions

The key advantage of a web-based ERP solution is that remote users such as salesman and executives can retrieve the organization system with the help of a browser, which is much easier to go through than a time consuming laptop/computer installation. Web based ERP software streamline a business among suppliers , customers and partners through self-service benefits, offering for lead management, bill payment and many more.
It simplifies back-office process automation for small-sized, mid-sized and growing organization/business. It provides quick information access about inventory, purchase, finance, order management, employee management, e-commerce etc. With web based ERP software, any business can speed-up business cycles, reliability and improve productivity
Benefits of a web based ERP:
  • Accessibility anywhere, any time.
  • Cross platform.
  • Less system independent bugs.
  • Low cost web based ERP solutions
  • Data safety.
  • No installation on PCs.


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