Monday, 1 September 2014

Supply Chain Management Software in India

The Supply Chain Management software allows supplier cooperation in all areas of life-cycle of a product. Increased competition has required the company to focus on core proficiency and therefore modular manufacturing enables the company to outsource certain activities in the production procedure to the suppliers. Supply Chain Management application involves all other applications and individual modules of purchasing, delivery, logistics and stock & inventory control. The high price involved in the implementation of this software prevents method and small businesses from setting up it.

Start from the Purchase to the pay process, the cycle begins with purchase, inspection, production, billing, inventory, logistics, and finally pay. The Supply Chain Management software system incorporates all the above mentioned functions, holding at the same time, the vendor-user contribution in a cooperative mode. In a collaborative atmosphere, the task of a supplier is not just conditioned to supply materials, but to constantly organize inventory of the user. Visit to get detailed information about Supply Chain software offered by ACGIL.

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