Thursday, 11 September 2014

ERP for Manufacturing Industry

ACGIL's ERP for Manufacturing industry is a web-based, comprehensive, scalable and flexible solution for various manufacturing industries in India with a major focus on small-sized to medium-sized manufacturing companies. The strength of ACGIL Manufacturing ERP lies in the customized process manufacturing features that helps several kinds of manufacturing, which includes make to order, engineer to order, configure to order, make to stock, assemble to order separately, or all the processes at the same time.
A rich set of module in our manufacturing ERP are:
- Production and planning
- Sales Management
- Inventory & Warehouse
- Purchase Management
- Finance & Accounting
- HR & Payroll
- Third Party Outsourcing
- Quality Management
- Electronic Data Interchange
- Software Administration
Our ERP for manufacturing industry deals with various process in a manufacturing company such as food processing, pharmaceuticals, flexible packaging, cosmetics, metal manufacturing, automobile manufacturing, biscuit manufacturing, fashion industry and much more. Visit to get more details.


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