Friday, 31 January 2014

Complete Software Solution for Blood Bank Management by ACGIL

Blood Bank Management Software by ACGIL has been developed with an aim of substituting all the paperwork done by the blood bank department of a hospital staff. The solution can be either operating as an individual medical centre, nursing home or part of a Hospital. All aspects of blood banking process from donor record management, blood stock inventory maintenance, screening covering all tests, patient registration, cross matching, patient issues etc. are completely managed by the software.

Major features of blood bank management software:

  • Donor registration
  • Donor master
  • Requisition detail
  • Requisition form
  • Secure user management system
  • Bottle return form
  • Cross matching report
  • Employee details
  • Bottle issue & issue of blood bag
  • Receipt printing
Our Blood Bank software can be operated as an independent solution or as a combined module with the Hospital Management Information System. Our Hospital Management System has the facility of registration of patients, storing their information into the software, and also generates computerized bills for the pharmacy department and labs.


  1. Donation Service Solution handles the donation though different donors and the management of donations for the beneficiary. This project includes the modules like Donor, and Project management, mailings, emails, campaigns, and print reports on all this information, which allows the allocation of sponsorships for needed.