Friday, 6 November 2020

Electra HIS - Patient Management System & EMR

 All modules seamlessly integrated and powered by SONY’s NUCLeUS™, Electra HMIS is the open, scalable and vendor neutral EMR accessible over IP platform. It transforms surgical workflow efficiency in today networked hospital environment. Electra HMIS connects devices, applications and data transparently for real-time informed decisions by every hospital stakeholder.

Electra-HMIS or HIMS or HIS can solve many problems that a hospital faces in today’s environment. The major area where Electra-HMIS can greatly help are financial systems, communication systems, department management, medical documentation, and medical support systems. Digitization is nonetheless is base of all that Electra-HMIS can offer as it will Optimize and digitize all the processes, which will help to improve customer service, reduce process costs, streamline health records (EMR), automate patients bills etc. Other is Clinical management Support, which will provide a mechanism for sharing data collected from various sources (e.g., EMRs in care settings that may include personal health record). Data become available to clinical information systems via direct entry at the point of interaction with clinicians, digitized handwritten notes, and data collected by laboratory systems or other monitoring devices. The Patients data can be free text, clinical imaging (e.g., x-rays, CT, MRI).

Mainly four core components of clinical information systems in Electra-HMIS are

(1)EMR or EHR;
(2) CPOE systems;
(3) digital medical evidence; and
(4) decision-support tools.

These descriptions are quite helpful for clinicians while taking decision their procedures.

In nutshell Electra-HMIS solves main challenges that are being a barrier in adopting the HMS in healthcare industries are:
>Shortage of professional who have in-depth knowledge of HMSPoor acceptance of HMS Software
>Financial issues
>Government mandates
>Patient safety and quality care
>Staffing concerns
>Patient satisfaction
>Access to care
>Doctor-related issues
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