Thursday, 17 December 2015

ERP with Proper Supply Chain Management System for Manufacturing

Unlike other generic ERP applications, offered software from ACG Infotech seamlessly integrates enterprise resource scheduling and planning along with proper supply chain management to have better production execution. Basically focused on manufacturing industry, offered software also has the functionalities of handling supply chain activities in an organization.
Why you need supply chain management software for manufacturing sector? For proper supply chain management in the industry, it needs heavy effort and time which seems to be very difficult for all enterprises. So, instead of providing a single ERP, our firm developed powerful web based application with all the required characteristics of SCM.
Manufacturers needed it most because they have to manage the entire shop floor where real work gets done dynamically. In case, when business owners need to create sophisticated growth plans, it definitely requires customized ERP solutions that performs with the equivalent speed of the shop floor.
On behalf of production & SCM management, here are few points about ERP solution, through which SME's can
* Schedule their project plans with the confidence
* Can easily establish promising time lines for clients
* Effectively plan processes using real time information and data management
* Visualize the entire enterprise only from the shop floor or anywhere in
* Make swift changes regarding shop floor functionalities
Why all discrete and process manufacturing companies find ACGIL's ERP software reliable and ideal?
Now, it is the time to find out why all the growing enterprises want to avail the well integrated SCM and engineering solutions with single interface. There can be numerous answers but the best is that it enables better process alignment in organization to create the most unique and full fledged manufacturing environment with amazing distribution management.
At the end, it is stated that online ERP software on demand is the best and the most suitable platform where users can have their business applications at affordable cost and as per their terms & business conditions.


  1. Manufacturing industry is undeniably one of the most volatile and dynamic sectors with fluctuating pace thus, it becomes imperative for manufacturing businesses to have a robust and integrated business management software in place to keep up with the fluctuating pace and growing demands. ERP for manufacturing industry has certainly boosted efficiencies across critical manufacturing operations for many businesses involved in this sector.
    In fact, ERP solutions have long been a staple for manufacturing companies that crave to streamline critical operations and speed up warehouse/inventory tracking and management whilst uplifting customer service.

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