Friday, 1 August 2014

Inventory Management ERP Software in India

Inventory management and control could be the best feature in improving shop floor performance and material processing. From decreasing physical inventory time to enhance supplier interaction or from monitoring contracted parts to predicting necessary components, the manufacturing ERP software for Inventory modules from IQMS helps you fix every supply sequence challenge.
Inventory or stock control software is a critical part of ERP software because the inventory control module communicates with virtually every other component or functional area. From the unique quotation and sales purchase access through purchasing and receiving to delivery and ultimate invoicing, strong inventory store performance is necessary to provide high purchase fill-rates, contain efficient costs, and maintain income.
ACGIL, as a leading ERP software company in India has an expert team in a diversify of industries across manufacturing to distribution atmosphere. Our ERP professionals offer a comprehensive service and support providing that can assist your business throughout the process of ERP implementation, set up and support. 


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