Monday, 2 June 2014

New Feature with Electra Hospital Management Software System

Electra, HMIS from ACGIL, provides another feature for most innovative deployment scenario. Now ends users can access the system as Extranet as well. Only a double LAN port in the Server and a broadband Internet connection is required to access the system.
Our Hospital Management Information System now offers the paramedics to use Android TAB to make the patient related inputs while moving within floors and intra department with doctors on round. This feature offers the users a great advantage of using it via most inexpensive Gadgets. It keeps away the requirement of usage of paper sheets and data re-entry later. The paramedics can make data entry once for all through TABs.
The system provides proper coordination with the entire hospital administration and management staff and takes immediate decisions. It takes less time, provides quick and correct information and decreases the headache to manage overall hospital functionality and day to day tasks. You can contact us to get more information regarding this system as per the below given details.

Our contact details:
ACG Infotech Limited
Mob.: +91-9818993537

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