Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Flexible Online ERP Software Solution by ACGIL

ERP software solution refers to all components essential to create a business process, such as the ERP software, integration of concerned business unit processes. Therefore, an ERP software is a part of the ERP system. Hence, a system software is formed that closely categorizes major components of the organization allowing for improved communication, analysis, enhanced financial compliance and productivity improvements.
ACGIL offers ERP solution across all the functional boundaries including Inventory, HR & Finance, Sales and Distribution, Logistics and Costing. We support clients across the complete range of the software life cycle, from package evaluation to post-implementation support. Online ERP software includes inventory control, warehouse management system, invoice tracking, software, inventory software solution, manufacturing software,inventory management and analysis, logistics software, customer relationship management, sales module, production planning, HR, supply chain management, purchase management, accounting module etc.


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